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Greetings from the Chairperson of Chimes Israel

Chimes Israel was established 22 years ago at the initiative of the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipality and the Ministry of Welfare and Social Services in cooperation with Chimes International, which is based in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.


The purpose of Chimes Israel is to provide treatment, rehabilitation, advancement, assistance and integration into the community for people with special needs, such as intellectual and mental disabilities, physical disabilities, autism and more.


Chimes Israel provides services to clients of all ages and all levels of disabilities and operates 20 community programs from Tel Aviv-Jaffa in the center of the country, to Tayibe in the north and Ashkelon in the south. Chimes Israel maintains facilities for infants from six months to three years old, after-school clubs for children in special education schools and programs for adults, including sheltered workshops which offer employment to the clients and treatment programs for those with severe disabilities who are unable to work. Chimes Israel also runs various programs in the different arts for the purpose of enriching the lives of the clients and to assist people with special needs to integrate into the community.


Chimes Israel is a public, non-profit organization, run by the general membership of the organization; people from all walks of life, including representatives of Chimes International, an Administrative Council which also includes two members from the USA and is comprised of volunteers from a wide spectrum of professions, including: Education, Finance, Welfare, Economics, Medicine, etc. The Administrative Council assists and guides the organization’s management, led by the CEO, by approving budgets, setting goals, approving new programs, supervising and auditing financial matters, etc.


Much of the credit for the success of Chimes Israel can be attributed to its being run by an administration comprised of talented people who are focused on the purpose to innovate, improve and expand the services offered to its clients as well as the dedicated and professional staff in all of the different programs.


As Chairperson of Chimes Israel for the past several years, I have accompanied the organization from the day of its inception. I see it as an honor and a duty to do all I can to assist in furthering the goals of Chimes Israel; to develop and promote new ideas to expand the horizons of our clients and to integrate them into their communities, to open new programs wherever needed.


Shulamit Gildner,
Chairperson, Chimes Israel