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Greetings from the Executive Director


It has been my privilege to be at the head of Chimes Israel since 2000.
Since my first day on the job, I set one specific objective for myself: To improve the quality of life of every one of our clients and their families by providing professional services enabling them to reach their full potential, lead a life of dignity and independence.

To this end, all the resources of Chimes Israel have been recruited.

Since the establishment of Chimes Israel, we take pride in a number of notable accomplishments, among them:

  • The expansion of services for groups of the population with multiple special needs.
  • The increase in the number of recipients of our services, which presently stands at over 1,200 infants, children and adults.
  • Building a continuum of programs offering treatment, rehabilitation, employment and leisure services, to clients from the age of 6 months to seniors.
  • The expansion of programs from local regions to national deployment.
  • Offering Employment Services according to the International ISO 9001 Service Standards.
  • Chimes Israel was awarded Midot's seal of effectiveness after evaluating our impact on creating social value and improving the lives of our beneficiaries.
  • Recipient of awards for distinction and excellence from the “Shalem Foundation”.
  • Development of a variety of new services which have been adopted by the State of Israel.


Today, we must look towards the future, with personal and professional integrity and with the commitment to work tirelessly towards continuous improvement and innovation in the services offered by Chimes Israel. We know for certain that we have the appropriate foundation, the physical and human infrastructure, to make this a reality and to allow Chimes Israel and its people the opportunities to move forward and grow. In work such as ours, we will never be able to say we reached the top. We will always be committed to doing more, to improve and innovate in all areas of our endeavors. What is most important, is that all we have accomplished and all we hope to achieve in the future, has always been done with the close cooperation of the staff, the Executive Board, local authorities, government offices, public foundations, the families of our clients, our clients themselves, volunteers and donors.


I feel a special obligation to express my heartfelt thanks to the Chimes Israel team – the managers of the programs, the staff, the para-medical team, the kindergarten teachers, mentors and counselors, therapists and caregivers, the National Service girls and the volunteers.


I’d also like to express a special thanks to the Executive Board for their support through all the years of my tenure in the capacity of CEO. I believe that together we will continue to do more and better for people with special needs.



Jorge Zimmerman
CEO, Chimes Israel