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Vision of the Organization

Chimes Israel sees itself as an organization whose mission is to advance the realization of a number of goals, including:


  • Establishment of the Amuta’s status as a prestigious national organization; a leader in the design and development of professional services, while ensuring excellence and innovation.
  • Achievement of the goals of the Amuta will be met by using the most advanced, efficient and professional practices in the world in the field of rehabilitation and advancement of people with special needs.
  • Being the preferred choice for people with special needs, as well as their families and business entities that are engaged in tailoring services to people with special needs.
  • Advancement of the Amuta for all its activities to operate at a high level of financial independence.
  • Providing services under optimal physical conditions with maximum accessibility to its clients.
  • Efficiently and effectively providing quality services for its clients.


Chimes Israel is committed to continue to work tirelessly to provide the best service to its clients.