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Five-Year Plan 2010 - 2014

Chimes Israel is a non-profit Amuta founded in 1991 for the purpose of providing services to people with special needs.


Over the past decade, the Amuta has worked to expand its services with the goal of increasing the number of its clients and creating a continuity of services for treatment, leisure activities and employment opportunities for clients of all ages – from infants to senior citizens and to broaden the regional/local programs to a national level, according to the five-year plan determined by the Amuta for the years 2004-2009.


Upon the completion and evaluation of the first five-year plan, the Amuta created a new five-year plan for the years 2010-2014. The goals of this plan are to maintain high-quality standards, provide customized services for the rehabilitation needs of our clients and their families and participate in the “service providers’ market” competition while adhering to the requirements of the various regulatory agencies.


Chimes Israel’s five-year plan for 2010-2014 relates to several significant points:


  • The vision of the Amuta
  • The vision of the various service managers.
  • The overall goals of the Amuta and the strategy for action in regard to the clients, the Amuta’s infrastructure and its financial resources.
  •  The five-year plan includes quantitative and qualitative assessments of our achievements and striving for constant improvement.

For more information, click here for a summary of Chimes Israel’s Five-Year Plan for 2010-2014.


The Five-Year Plan, will lead to the continued growth and development of Chimes Israel, securely establishing its status as an organization providing high-quality, innovative services with maximum accessibility to those who need them.