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December 2016

Dear Friends

Today, as Chimes Israel is closing a year of accomplishments and 25th anniversary celebrations, we are particularly grateful to our partners in this journey. Chimes Israel has become a vibrant, creative network of programs and supports for over 1400 people with disabilities.


With your generous support this year we have:

  • Opened two new rehabilitative daycare facilities in Holon and Ashkelon providing rehabilitation, education and support services for 65 children aged 6 months to 3 years with developmental delays, physical disabilities and autism.
  • Provided foster daycare for dozens of children with special needs who are at risk for neglect and abuse as well as educating their parents.
  • Purchased advanced assistive technology equipment for hundreds of children and adults with special needs to enable them to communicate their feelings and desires and become active participants in their community.
  • Opened a therapeutic daycare center for 38 adults with special needs in Ashkelon.
  • Developed a program for retirees with special needs to allow them to retire gracefully and continue to live a full and productive life.
  • And much more...


Over the past 25 years Chimes Israel has touched the lives of over 25,000 individuals with special needs and their families. As we enter the next 25 years of endeavors, much work is ahead of us with new challenges, new ideas and new projects all with one goal – to improve the quality of life of individuals with special needs of all ages with intellectual, developmental and mental disabilities, regardless of race, nationality or religion. We hope you will continue on this exciting journey with us.


Thank you for being part of the Chimes Israel family.


Wishing you a healthy, happy and productive 2017.


Debby Oshri

Director of Resource Development