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Chimes’ ‘Inbalim’ Social Club, Tel Aviv

Manager: Eti Madmon


Chimes’ ‘Inbalim’ Social Club operates in the multi-service campus for people with special needs, located in Ramat HaHayal, Tel Aviv and serves as a recreational center for clients of "Achikam" Sheltered Workshop who are dependent and not mobile, therefore encountering difficulties in enjoying leisure services in the community.


At the end of their work days at the Sheltered Workshop, these adults come to the Social Club and enjoy leisure activities, enrichment classes such as home economics, dancing, art, challenging activities, sports, etc.


The Center operates three times a week for three hours each time.


The staff at the Center includes social counselors and enrichment class operators. There are five regular volunteers who are integrated into the activities; employees of local Hi Tech companies.




Activities Days

א', ג', ד' 15:30 -18:30

Contact Details

כתובת - הארד 13, תל אביב
טלפון - 03-6442427
פקס - 03-6474047
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