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Chimes’ “Leisure for the Soul” Social Club

Manager: Leor Amsalem

Chimes Israel operates the Social Club “Leisure for the Soul”, for adult with mental illness.


The club serves as a place for social and recreational activities to fill the free time of those with mental illness.


There is a wide range of activities at the Club which focus both on the social and therapeutic aspect to instill in the members social skills and provide support both from the staff and from other members.


There are a number of enrichment classes held at the Club, such as guitar lessons, tai-chi, home economics, etc. The activities include watching movies together, going out to coffee shops, day trips, etc.


Eligibility is subject to the approval of the Ministry of Health to participate in a rehabilitation social club.

Activities Days

א', ג', ה' 16:00 - 19:30

Contact Details

כתובת - הארד 13 רמת החיל, תל אביב
טלפון - 050-6993956
פקס -03-6474047
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