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Chimes Israel believes in the importance of working in cooperation with people, government and private bodies, organizations and associations in order to achieve its goals.
Chimes Israel collaborates with a variety of organizations in order to integrate people with special needs into the communities and to enhance their quality of life.
Chimes Israel has many multi-faceted collaborations for the benefit of its clients; to pool its resources and to find good, improved and innovative solutions to meet the needs of people with special needs in Israel.
Chimes Israel maintains:
Professional Collaborations
Corporate Collaborations

We welcome additional opportunities for more community cooperation in various fields with common goals.

Chimes Israel maintains many corporate partnerships with many businesses from the communities with the goal to bring maximum personal progress and rehabilitation for people with special needs.

In the field of occupational rehabilitation, Chimes Israel works together with many entrepreneurs and business owners so that both parties benefit from the partnership.

Chimes Israel operates all its professional services under the supervision of and in professional cooperation with the government’s Welfare, Education and Health Departments as well as with other local authorities and community organizations that deal with treatment and rehabilitation.