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Corporate Collaboration

Chimes Israel maintains many corporate partnerships with many businesses from the communities with the goal to bring maximum individual progress and rehabilitation for people with special needs.


In the field of occupational rehabilitation, Chimes Israel works together with many entrepreneurs and business owners so that both parties benefit from the partnership.

Through cooperation with the different corporations, the clients benefit from a wide variety of jobs through which they can advance and receive financial remuneration. The corporations and their owners benefit from diligent and stable workers who meet the standards for quality and quantity.
The following are a few examples of the corporate cooperation with Chimes Israel:


The “Delight” Company: A production line of “Crispies”, carried out from start to finish by people with various disabilities in the sheltered workshop in Rosh Ha’Ayin. Chimes Israel’s clients are employed in all the stages of production according to the International ISO 9001 Standards for work and in accordance with the approval of the Ministry of Health. The employees receive an hourly wage for their work and the company receives a product which is up to the high standards of quality and quantity according to demand.


“The Dor Ha’Tza’ir” Company (Younger Generation): This company manufactures educational kits for kindergartens. The kits are all produced by the clients of Chimes Israel under the direction of a graphic artist. The employees of this workshop are required to acquire new skills which enable them to operate the state-of-the-art machinery used in the production process.


Since these kits are meant for kindergartens for use in conjunction with holidays and special events, the vendor employs a graphic artist who creates the kits which vary from day to day. The employees of the workshop are required to be flexible, have the ability to quickly absorb the new instructions and to develop the skills needed to create the always changing products. At the same time, the employees of the workshop are required to do clean and precise work with special attention to the small details.


In order to meet the vendor’s sales quotas, the employees of the workshop are required to work quickly and often under pressure, because of the quickly changing and large quantities of the products. The employees are paid an hourly wage for their work at the workshop.


The “Sea Smadar” Company: Manufactures fashion jewelry designed by the artist, Smadar Elisasaf.
“Sea Smadar” is a brand that is becoming known in the jewelry market all over the world. The jewelry is hand-made from high quality materials. The studio’s store is located in the business district of Ramat HaChayal, near the Chimes’ “Achikam” Sheltered Workshop.


Clients of Chimes Israel are employed at Sea Smadar and their work includes: Threading beads on long metal wires, dismantling the parts which have been painted silver or gold and then putting together bracelets based on six leather strands, according to the illustrations which guide them as to which materials and how many are to be threaded on each strand.

The work requires very fine motor skills and accurate spatial perception.

There is a rehabilitation staff member employed in the workshop together with a member of the factory’s team.

The employees are paid either an hourly wage or per piece, depending on the type of work required.


“Mini Garden” – Chimes Israel: This is an exclusive enterprise of Chimes Israel, creating decorative sprouting kits which combine three-dimensional objects “implanted” on a sprouting tray. All the work is produced by clients of Chimes Israel and requires high motor skills.
These kits are marketed to private and corporate groups as gifts for their workers. The employees are paid according to their production.

The “Carmit” Company: The work involves packaging candies. Chimes Israel has had a longstanding collaboration with the Carmit Company in a number of its Sheltered Workshops.

The nature of the work is such that almost all of the clients of the Sheltered Workshops are able to take part, including those with lesser skills. The work is colorful, pleasant and is done in bulk.