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Professional Collaboration

Chimes Israel has many professional collaborations for the benefit of achieving its goals and for people with special needs.

Chimes Israel operates all its professional services under the supervision of and in professional cooperation with the government’s Welfare, Education and Health Departments as well as with other local authorities and community organizations that deal with treatment and rehabilitation.

Chimes Israel operates by pooling professional resources in the field of rehabilitation and complementary professions for the benefit of developing advanced rehabilitation methods for people with special needs to improve the quality of their lives and help them integrate into their communities.

These are a few examples of such collaborations:

  • Chimes Israel is an active partner in creative thinking, participating in and making presentations at conferences specifically related to rehabilitation, including the Welfare Department Conference and the conference of “Beit Izzie Shapiro”.
  • Chimes Israel is a partner in forums of various associations whose purpose is to further the aspects of rehabilitation for people with special needs: The Pat Forum, The Forum for Families with Children with Special Needs, etc.
  • Chimes Israel maintains productive cooperation with the academic track for studies of people with developmental and intellectual disabilities, including the Department of Special Education at Bar Ilan University and as a research partner in projects for academic training for people with special needs.