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The “ZerOzer” Project, in which the clients design and produce floral arrangements and designer gift baskets, was established by Chimes Israel with the vision to create both a vocational and entrepreneurial  “ZerOzer” project.
Chimes Israel initiated the establishment and operation of this project without private or corporate investors, with the belief that as a non-profit rehabilitation and treatment organization, they could discover a middle ground between the business side and the rehabilitation side – for the benefit of our sheltered workshop clients with multiple disabilities.


The “ZerOzer” Project Includes:


-     The workshop: Weaving flowers into bouquets and arrangements, creating and packaging gift baskets.
-     Creating and producing designs using flora and fauna.
-     Production of packaging products and related products in the field.


Project “ZerOzer” offers:


  • Gifts with a contribution to the community.
  • A flower and gift shop that works in conjunction with the production workshop, which includes deliveries of flowers and gift baskets to the home or business of the customer.
  • A course in splicing and weaving flowers as well as professional training for the clients in the factory and the community at large.
  • Day long seminars and fun activities for businesses, schoolchildren from the community and for the general public.



Chimes Israel’s aim is to assist each of its clients to attain personal progress through working in the “ZerOzer” project. For their work, they are paid minimum wage according to the law, something not generally done in sheltered workshops.

For the catalog of products and additional information, please visit the ZerOzer site. (ZerOzer Website)


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Activities Days

Sunday to Thursday from 09:00 to 17:00


Contact Details

HaMelacha 9, Park Afek, Rosh Ha’Ayin
Telephone: 03-7168448
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