Chimes Israel works to improve the quality of life of people with special needs with 25 programs for more than 1,400 children and adults

(Ages 6 months - 6 years)

Educational, therapeutic and rehabilitative programs and services for infants, toddlers and preschool-age children

(Ages 6 - 21 years)

After-school recreational, social and therapeutic programs for youth with disabilities

(Ages 21+)

Rehabilitation and recreational daycare for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities

(Ages 21+)

Employment services for people with disabilities including sheltered (in-house) and normative (external) employment opportunities

Mentor, escort and support program for independently living adults with special needs

(Ages 21+)

The Shiluv program is a multi-faceted support program with home-based employment, supported onsite employment and recreational activities for people with intellectual, developmental and behavioral disabilities

Meet Noam Abramoff, a four-time runner in the Tel Aviv marathon and a client in our Tel Aviv Achikam sheltered work factory.

Almost all of Chimes Israel’s centers across the country benefitted from “Good Deeds Day,” the international day of volunteering on March 29, 2022.

About two hundred Bank Leumi employees joined forces with the Ted Arison Family Foundation’s Ruach Tova (Hebrew for Good Spirit) NGO to produce Purim costumes for our clients. Together, they created creative and accessible customized costumes for more than two hundred people with disabilities. Click the video for the touching story of a bank employee and her dedication to this project

Chimes Israel works in collaboration with diverse government and private organizations including foundations, institutions, companies and associations.