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Chimes Israel continues to grow and innovate.  In Kfar Saba, we opened a new adult therapeutic nursing day care center. This colorful pleasant building is immersed in nature’s greenery. It operates daily, from morning to afternoon, working with people with moderate to severe disabilities. Daily activities at the center, which exercise fine and gross motor skills, include sports, gardening, music, cooking, baking, and much more. In addition to these activities, each client has an individual program for their personal advancement.

In Ariel, where Chimes has operated a successful employment center for many years, a mezuzah ceremony was held for the new Randolph A. Hearst Center.  The center employs people with disabilities and runs activities for the elderly. Attending the ceremony were representatives of the organizations that supported and assisted its establishment, including the National Insurance Institute, Shalem Fund, Ministry of Social Affairs, Ariel municipality, city council, client families, and employees. We hope that the new location will allow more people to integrate with society and use their abilities and skills to improve their quality of life and independence.

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