Corporate Compassion — Volunteers Brighten our Clients’ Lives on Good Deeds Day


Good Deeds Day began in Israel 18 years ago and is now a global event that unites 110 countries in action to do good for others and the environment. Millions of people and thousands of organizations around the world are involved in this day.

A long-standing tradition at Chimes Israel, year after year, we receive exciting feedback from both our service recipients and the organizations that volunteered with us. Our beneficiaries enjoy getting out of the routine and being in the community, and volunteers say that giving of themselves just made them feel great. 

Due to the war, many of our service recipients have been lonely and distressed. Because of this, participation was more important than ever before. Joint beneficiary-volunteer activities included a magic show, crafts, music, and a Purim party. Volunteers also contributed by beautifying centers through gardening and painting, as well as distributing food.

A heartfelt thank you to the employees who volunteered from the following companies:

CB4, Clalit Health Services, Direct Finance, Drive, eToro, Fortinet, Hitech Zone, iFor Fintech, Medtronic, Miskar (CBC, Coca-Cola), OpenText, Ride, Skybox, Trieye, Tipalti, Shani Shenhav, and Softix, and Waxman Govrin Geva.

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