Chimes Israel is a pioneer and innovator in the area of comprehensive early childhood rehabilitation for children ages six months to three years with developmental delays, autism, genetic diseases, and syndromes. We improve the quality of life for hundreds of young children and family members at all all eight of our early childhood centers, through leading-edge education, paramedical treatment, and close supervision. This intensive early intervention can tremendously improve developmental trajectories for children with disabilities. The earlier the intervention, the better a child’s chances of achieving their full potential.

Often for these children, the right therapeutic equipment is often the only thing that will help them acquire a certain skill or ability. It can mean the difference between walking and not walking, dependence and independence. The children at Chimes Israel are developing basic skills using outdated, damaged and worn equipment, some of it more than 25 years old. It troubles the physical and occupational therapists, because they know that the children could be much more advanced had they more modern equipment. The government pays for the children’s education, therapies, care, and meals at the centers, but extra items including equipment, diagnostic tools, and supplemental services are funded through private donations.


Project Goals

Fundraise to obtain ongoing life-changing gear, safe classroom equipment, enriching supplemental services, learning aides, and diagnostic tools as necessary to:

• Deliver developmental habilitation, paramedical and educational services.
• Provide rehabilitating and nurturing care alongside leisure and enrichment activities.
• Optimally help children improve their abilities, motor skills, and mobilities.

Financial Need

The Early Intervention program is an ongoing project that supplies our eight centers with the funds necessary to upgrade equipment and bring in innovative services. We seek any and all donations with heartfelt gratitude for our continuous improvement in giving these children the start in life that they deserve.

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