We are seeking support for Chimes Israel’ beneficiaries with disabilities and their families who are affected by the ongoing Hamas rocket attacks in Israel. The beneficiaries in need, from our adult nursing daycare center and four therapeutic early childhood locations in Ashkelon, are experiencing a constant barrage of rockets with some living in homes that have been hit by missiles. Many are hiding in their air raid shelters day and night because their disabilities prevent them from making that 15 second escape to safety. 

We know from past conflicts how traumatizing the siren and bombing sounds have been for our beneficiaries. Therefore, our staff members have been reaching out to check up on both their physical and mental wellness. Several of these families live hand-to-mouth with low paying per diem jobs. With our centers closed, their children home, and their spouses called up to the army, they must stay home to care for their disabled children and cannot earn for the family. 

In addition, the lack of daily physical therapy can have a critical effect on our clients’ abilities. For the preschool children, it can have a devastating effect on their future abilities, since the earlier the intervention, the better the trajectory. After the last war, which was only 11 days, many came back to the center having lost months of progress because they couldn’t continue therapy at home.

Addressing the above issues, your gift will help us:

• Supply home rehabilitation equipment to children and adults with disabilities to preserve their physical abilities.
• Make medical and other treatments accessible through locating clinics and providing transportation
Supply specialized therapeutic beds and medical mattresses to evacuees now in the central area
Subsidize counseling for the family members of people with disabilities dealing with hardships
Supply food baskets and consumable goods such as diapers and bibs for families in need
Provide assistive technology adapted to the needs of the service recipients to maintain contact
Provide online rehabilitative activities to our service recipients
Provide adapted equipment for the evacuee families, such as an accessible knives, forks, and plates as well as blenders for food preparation
• Promote community inclusion for adults with disabilities

Way to Give

Emergency Fundraiser for Chimes Israel's Families with Disabilities due to Gaza War (israelgives.org)

Benevity Causes, Emergency Fundraiser for Chimes Families with Disabilities due to the Gaza War

Central Fund of Israel

P.E.F. Israel Endowment Funds

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