Chimes operates five Extended Day School Programs in Israel. The programs operate within schools and are supervised and funded by the Israeli Ministry of Welfare in full cooperation with the local authorities.  The children who attend are living with disabilities such as developmental delays, autism, genetic diseases and syndromes, and physical challenges. The programs are designed to reinforce what the children learn in school through recreational, social and therapeutic activities.

Extended Day School Objectives

The program is designed to:

• Nourish positive and constructive experiences

• Foster a sense of ability

• Make them feel wanted and loved

• Increase community participation

•Develop skills in safe environment

•Improve quality of life for both the child and their family

The program facilitates a supportive environment where:  

  • Children can enjoy high quality recreational activities with their peer groups while receiving individual tailored support
  • Each child’s personal and social abilities can be developed with individual attention to their specific needs and desires
  • Each child is taught skills that will foster their independence, enhance their ability to function in the community, and increase their opportunities

Warm and Caring Staff

The programs are led by warm and caring experts in the fields of education, disabilities services and others, who monitor each child’s progress, and promote personal achievement in cognitive, motor and emotional development. Nursing and behavioral support teams are there to help at the group and individual level as needed.

Engaging Activities

The programs offer activities including music therapy, art, movement, animal therapy, physical and mental challenges, sports, photography, cooking, drama and yoga. While activities may be group based, the programs focus on each child’s individual strengths and weaknesses. The children may choose which participate in, guided by the service staff and other clinicians.

Energetic Partnerships

The centers work in collaboration with the community and schools to provide integrated activities with other youth programs. These collaborations have resulted in many unique projects with the community, youth movements, and students.

Shirley Trousil-Frenkel, Manager of Extended Day School Programs - 050-6667217

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