From Famine to Feast: Volunteers Come Back to Chimes Centers

Volunteers at Chimes are integral to our ongoing activities. They are essential to our vision of integrating people with disabilities into Israeli society. The absence of volunteers during the two and a half years of Covid-19 created large voids in our programming. After such a long famine of no volunteers allowed at our centers, this Spring and Summer, Chimes Israel experienced large and embracing feasts of volunteering. Microsoft, Hub Security, IAI and other companies sent volunteers to help in our employment centers and assist those in shelter employment at their jobs. Employees from Strauss food and beverages company built amazing activity boards for the playground at Or Early Childhood Rehabilitative Day Care Center and Special Education Kindergarten in Modi’in-Maccabim-Reut. Teva Pharmaceutical employees upgraded the entire greenhouse area at our Rubenenko center in Tel Aviv. A group of Azrieli Fellowship academics accompanied adults from our Rosh HaAyin work center on a trip to the Steinhardt Museum of Natural History and Botanic Garden at Tel Aviv University.

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