We at Chimes Israel believe that early intervention is critical for children with special needs. Chimes runs 8 early intervention centers throughout Israel, which focus on cognitive, motor and emotional habilitation and communication therapy for infants and toddlers ages six months to three years. The children, who have developmental delays, autism, genetic diseases and syndromes, benefit from the center’s intervention via timely diagnosis, treatment and intensive supervision. The program is operated with funding and supervision from the Israeli Ministries of Welfare and Health and acts in cooperation with the local authorities.

The program’s day-to-day routine mirrors any other daycare and preschool, but with the addition of a strong educational-therapeutic component. Chimes maximizes resources and provides optimal assistance through strong relationships with child development clinics provided by the Israeli health funds and social services. The multidisciplinary professionals develop personalized advancement programs with individually designed therapeutic treatments for each child, which therapists and paramedical staff administer at the center.

The framework is also inclusive of the children’s families. As an integral part of the children’s development and progress, the parents receive guidance from the paramedic staff for therapeutic continuum at home. In addition, the parents, siblings and grandparents also benefit from supportive social services including individualized counseling and support groups.

Early Childhood Director - Michal Yabo

054-6602203, michal.yabo@chimesisrael.org.il

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