Leaving Rubenenko – Breakups as New Opportunities


This past August, after over three decades of successful collaboration, Chimes Israel parted ways with sheltered employment services and adult nursing care at the Tel Aviv Rubenenko Center. Chimes Israel began its 32-year professional journey in partnership with the City of Tel Aviv at the dilapidated Ramat HaHayal, Tel Aviv building. Over the years, we established there a multi-service structure of leading employment and care services that are among the most advanced in Israel.

For Tel Aviv and all of our centers, we have developed intensive and goal-oriented programs as precise and tailored responses to our clients’ needs, applying the best innovations and developments in the field. Some of these inventive programs include a rehabilitative kitchen with catering services; an assistive technology program; a financial literacy workshop, a women’s self-advocacy and empowerment workshop; and a supportive employment program for those with mental illness. They also include a day center for retirees with disabilities; an elderly health and wellness educational workshop; a vocational college program in partnership with Bar Ilan University; vocational training at Ichilov Hospital; a hydroponic greenhouse for gardening therapy; and a home employment program.

There is simultaneously sadness, satisfaction, and hope as we say goodbye to the dedicated staff members and clients, some of whom have been part of the organization for decades. However, we are leaving with confidence that we did our utmost, year-after-year, to provide our clients with the best opportunities to assist each and every client of the Rubenenko Center in reaching their potential, using their own abilities and skills to lead a life of dignity, independence and community participation.

Chimes Israel will continue to work for people with disabilities at all stages of life, in full partnership with community care providers in all the areas we operate throughout the country, and to see every challenge as an opportunity for development and growth in the near and distant future.

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