Enjoyment, Self-Esteem & Sweet Memories: a Chimes Educator Explains His Mission


Meet Tomer Amram, an instructor for over four years at the “Chimes Enoch therapeutic afterschool program in Tel Aviv. Born to an Israeli mom and a Thai father, Tomer came to Israel from Thailand at age 13 after his parent’s divorce.  

“As a child I grew up in Thailand and studied in an international school with children from all over the world,” said Amran. “This idyllic environment exposed me to many cultures and cultivated in me qualities such as patience, caring, and inclusion.”

However, his immigration to Israel was not a smooth one. The culture was a difficult adjustment. The kids in the public school were rough, it was difficult to make friends, and there was no adult support. 

It was then that he began to sink into his own shell. “I became depressed and detached with what was going around me, said Amram. “I just drew pictures all the time and lived in my own inner world.”

Tomer’s condition continued as an adult and it was as a supportive employment services client that he began his relationship with Chimes Israel. “After they got to know me and the type of person I am, they took me to Chimes Enoch for an interview, said Amram. He got the job immediately and vowed to be for the children, “The person that I wish I had at their age – the person who will make empower them and make them feel capable.”

Amram has finally received the therapy he needed to leave his shell and he doing the same for the children in his charge. “I work so that despite all the difficulties, the children that I educate will experience an exciting childhood experience, which will be for them a sweet memory for life,” said Amram. He enjoys helping them to build their confidence and self-esteem through making them happy, encouraging, and flattering them.

“I am 43 now, but a kid at heart,” said Amram. “Oftentimes, the kids, won’t speak with adults but with me, they feel free,” said Amram. “One time, I told parents in a conference that their child is very funny, and they were surprised. It was something they didn’t know about but I brought out of her through our friendly connection.” Another time, he helped a child who was interested in religion feel learn more and feel proud in his identities as both a Jew and a Muslim. “I just really want them to feel great about themselves,” said Amram.

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