12-Year-Old Meir’s Wish Comes True


This year, on Good Deeds Day, 12-year-old Meir Mazuz, who attends “Chimes Amal” afterschool program in Holon, had his biggest dream fulfilled. Meir was not only able to meet his idol, singer and songwriter Eden Hasson, he got to sing with him at the crooner’s recording studio in Tel Aviv.

Meir loves singing, and one of the things that brings him the most happiness is performing Eden Hasson’s songs in front of all his friends at Chimes Amal. Meir’s dream was to meet the singer and sing his favorite song with him, “Red Sunsets.”

The exciting meeting was made possible in cooperation with the non-profit organization, “Make-A-Wish,” whose mission is to brighten the lives of children disabilities and serious illnesses by fulfilling their dreams. 

Meir’s emotional meeting with Eden Hasson began with the song “Red Sunsets” in a performance that left no eye dry. See Video below.

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