All The World is a Stage

Masha Ilin all the world is a stage

Masha Ilin, is a highly talented actress and a Chimes Israel participant with Down syndrome who misses the stage she loves so much. Since the outbreak of Covid-19, Masha (along with all the theater workers in Israel) has been sitting at home.
Before the pandemic, Masha performed as part of the Kenafayim Theater (an NGO) Troupe. Her last play entitled “A Golden Spoon,” deals with the impossible dream world of people with Down syndrome.

“It was hard to talk, so I started acting. It’s easier for me when the script is provided—the barrier goes down,” said Masha. Masha, along with the other Kenafayim players, has performed in countless theaters in Israel as well as in Belgium, Berlin and Moscow!

We at Chimes Israel have witnessed Masha’s talent and passion for the stage. We cross our fingers in the hope that she will soon go back to doing what she loves more than anything else.

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