Pnai LaNefesh Members Treated With an Intimate Performance

Limor Goldstein

Members of the Chimes Israel social club for mental illness called “Pnai LaNefesh” (leisure for the soul) in Tel Aviv, were recently treated with an exciting and intimate performance by the famous Israeli actor, Limor Goldstein. Limor is known for her theatre work and the Israeli TV drama series, Esrim Plus, The 2001 Antonio Banderas movie, The Body, and 2013 Mossad spy comedy, Kidon.  Limor’s one-woman performance for the club centered around her life story and included famous monologues from several of her theatre roles.

The show was fascinating and exciting,” said a Chimes Israel staff member. ′′The club participants had fun, laughed and were thrilled. After the show, Limor stayed to talk to us, shared more experiences of her world as an actress and answered questions.′′

Chimes maintains two social clubs for adults for intellectual disabilities and mental illness in Tel Aviv with 35 participants. The clubs have leisure and enrichment activities that provide an opportunity for a sense of belonging, social connections and enjoyment.

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