Program for At-Risk Preschool Children with Disabilities

We are fundraising to launch a program for at-risk preschool children with disabilities at our Rehabilitative Early Childhood Centers, with municipal permission.

The Proposed Program 

The early intervention programs we run operate from 8am to 3:30pm. The extended hours program for which we are requesting support, will keep the centers operating until 6:30pm, as an alternative to home care. In addition to having developmental delays, autism, genetic diseases and syndromes, the children designated for this pilot program are dealing with issues such as extreme poverty, abuse, neglect, and inadequate parenting. When the centers close at 3:30pm many of these young children are left in unsafe and inadequate environments such as at babysitting centers that have earned the notorious name, “children’s warehouses.” Here, while their refugee/migrant parents work low-paying jobs, babies and toddlers are often crowded into tiny rooms in apartments or basements with poor ventilation, no activities, and scant food. Since 2010, 26 children have died in these warehouses (one in January 2020).

Program Goals

• Provide rehabilitating and nurturing care alongside leisure and enrichment activities

• Deliver targeted child development and family relationship intervention

• Prevent the removal of the toddlers from their parents’ custody to social services or an out-of-home arrangement such as foster care

• Help parents improve their communications with their child and adopt appropriate responses to their child’s needs

Financial Need

The extended hours program for at-risk preschool children is a two-year pilot. We seek the remaining outstanding funds of $25,000 for 2024 to launch the program and $92,000 for 2025, its second year. After the success is proven, we expect the State to take the responsibility for funding it.

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