Project to Build Adult Daycare Center for People with Disabilities in the Arab-Israel City of Kfar Kassem

Chimes Israel is building a rehabilitative therapeutic daycare for adults with moderate to severe intellectual and developmental disabilities in the village of Kfar Kassem, an Israeli-Arab city.  The project is designed to bridge the gap in services for Arabs with disabilities.  The situation in this area is desperate, with very few services for this specific population of people with disabilities. For years, the families of these adults in Kfar Kassem have been promised help but the municipality has not been able to provide a suitable physical facility.  Establishing a Chimes Israel center here is consistent with one of the fundamental tenets of Chimes Israel’s mission: to provide services for all sectors of the population, irrespective of ethnicity, religion, politics, nationality, age or gender.  

Project Goals

• Provide therapeutic help to improve the physical and mental condition of people with disabilities

• Promote community inclusion for adults with disabilities

• Deliver rightful services that have been denied to vulnerable group within a marginalized minority community 

• Enable the participants to live more independently and be less of a burden on their families 

• Potentially remove the care-giving family member’s barriers to economic opportunities by freeing them to work 

• Change the harmful negative stigma surrounding disabilities within the Arab culture 

Financial Need

The building and equipment is a $2.3M project. We need $430K to finalize the project. The municipality is providing the land and bearing a portion of the construction and land development costs. Services will be predominately funded per recipient, by Israel’s social services programs. There are donor naming opportunities below for the entire building and several rooms.

Name a Room at a New Adult Daycare Center in Kfar Kassem

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