Improve the Quality of Life of People with Special Needs with Your Extra Agurot through, the “Round-Up System.”
The Round-Up System allows you to donate to Chimes by rounding up your CC purchases to the nearest shekel.
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The “Round-Up System” allows you to round up your Israeli credit card transactions to the nearest shekel and donate the small change difference. It's the easiest way to give. For example, when you buy something for 78.60 NIS, your credit card will charge you 79.00 NIS and 40 agurot will be donated to Chimes.
Just sign up from this link, registering the credit card you'd like to use. After that, you simply make purchases with that credit card as you normally would. The system will then round up each purchase made with that card to the nearest agurot, donating the difference to your charity at the end of each month.
You can see how much you have donated every month in your monthly credit card statements. The donation is recognized for tax credit under section 46A and you can easily print and save receipts from the website.

The average donation is only NIS 4 a month

Each month, the amount of the donation appears on your credit statement

Service can be easily and quickly canceled at any time.

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