Running for Noam and his Friends


The children of Chimes Israel’s Or Early Childhood Center in Modiin participated in the 17th annual Modiin foot race this year. The race included a half marathon, 10K, 5K, 1.8K and 300M.

This year’s event was particularly exciting, as among the hundreds of children, there was a large presence of children with disabilities. These children, who participated in the 300 Meter “Chicks” race, were doing what everyone else was doing – completing the race (many with the aid of special treadmills and other means). The children were accompanied by their parents and friends, as well as the Chimes Or Rehabilitative Early Childhood Center staff (where they are educated), who came for encouragement.

Among the participants was Noam Markowitz, age three. Noam is a sweet, smiling and communicative toddler with a rare genetic disease called Lesch-Nyhan syndrome, which causes an acute developmental delays. There are only about 100 patients worldwide, and Noam is the only one in Israel. His family’s goal at the race was to raise awareness of the disease. This ahead of an experimental process on a U.S. drug that may be able to provide a solution for those with the syndrome in the future.

Chimes Israel helps Noam and many other children reach their potential at this critical stage in their development. Liat Markowitz, Noam’s mother, described Chimes dedicated professional team as “angels.” “They are amazing in every possible way,” said Markowitz. “They have really saved our lives.”

Cultivating independence is critical to integrating people with disabilities into the fabric of life. This is what inspires us every day in our work at the various centers of Chimes Israel. 

We wish Noam Markowitz and his lovely family a landslide victory in the race of life and we will be there for them with support as needed.