Sound of silence


Music can change the world. It can help communication without words, it can operate as a powerful tool to express one’s feelings and it is also known to be therapeutic: for people with special needs music can affect their moods, reduce stress and enhance self-confidence. Furthermore, research has shown it has a cognitive affect and can help change and mold certain brain patterns.

As a cutting-edge foundation for special needs treatment, we strive to provide the best and newest programs and facilities for our clients. Tom Method is just one of the special programs we offer at Chimes Israel.

Tom Method – Musical communication and relaxation, is a method of music therapy which makes use of a variety of tools and instruments, some are musical while others are constructed from all kinds of materials- recycled, highly colorful, special shapes, toys and more. The method was founded by Dani Meizal, a former high-tech employee that decided to search for a new and meaningful way of living. Dani who was a Didgeridoo player, has discovered that when he played for people and children with special needs they reacted not only to the music and melody, but to the vibrations and movement of the instrument as well. The “Tom” method promotes communication, relaxation, concentration and touch, all which are essential in our work with children with special needs.

What started as a one-week class at “Amal” after school program in Holon has become an expanded program at several Chimes Israel establishments. After seeing the impact of the Tom method on our clients, we decided to train additional Tom method instructors for the benefit of all children and adults at Chimes facilities.

Work with special non-conventional instruments and the interactive element make it an amazing and exciting experience. It is a joyful collaborative activity that is often accompanied by therapeutic laughter.