Chimes People with Disabilities Show their Empathy and Compassion for Soldiers & October 7th Abductee Families


With the desire to express their support for the families of soldiers and abductees, our service recipients at the various centers participated in many special and exciting initiatives. Children from the Enoch afterschool program made a large painted 3-D diorama of kibbutz life out of popsicle sticks, mosaics, and cardboard, in support of the hostages. A group of employees, alongside Chimes HQ representatives, went to Hostages Square in Tel Aviv, to display the diorama and show their support. Other centers prepared for the soldiers, pampering packages with sweets, as well as greetings and signs expressing appreciation and support. As one of the children said, “We wanted the families to know that they are not alone. Each of us, in our own unique way, can contribute and give strength.”

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