The Magical Combination of Learning and Doing: New Training Workshop Prepares Kfar Saba Clients Employment Success


We are excited to share that for the first time we have begun a training workshop for work in the open market that combines theoretical classroom learning alongside practical work experience.

The first group, which began its journey in March at Chimes Israel’s Kfar Saba employment center, includes 12 formerly sheltered work clients, who expressed a desire to go to work in the community. After evaluating the program against the clients’ abilities and skills, the Chimes professionals who work closely with the clients, recommended their participation.

Two days a week, the participants learn a variety of theoretical content to help them optimally integrate into the community. These include job interview preparation; personal and work environment hygiene; social skills; financial education and wise consumer conduct; managing meetings and schedules; workplace safety and security; the employment environment, vocabulary and concepts; and much more. 

In addition, workshop participants acquire skills through on-the-job experience. The participants operate the center’s dining room where all the Kfar Saba clients eat lunch each day. There they responsible for arranging dishes, clearing plates, and cleaning the dining room; following the cook’s orders and grinding the food for people who have trouble chewing; serving the food to all clients; and washing dishes and cooking utensils using the dishwasher.

Participants also work with external suppliers as a basis for training. For example, a new job supplier, Adaplast, came to employment center to teach the participants new skills. As part of this work, the participants learned about detailed precision accuracy in the process of assembling their plastic electrical boxes and panels. They learned to recognize and understand various work stages; activate fine motor skills; exercise focus and self-control; work with a model; and identify and self-correct their mistakes.

At the end of the eight-month training workshop, Chimes supported employment job placement coordinators will help integrate the participants, whether individually or as part of a group, into open market.

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