Chimes Israel operates three therapeutic nursing daycare centers in Israel, which provide specialized care for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, aged 21 and over. The program seeks to enhance the quality of life for those served according to their individual needs and preferences, while maximizing each person’s potential for independence as active participants in community and family life. The centers operate in collaboration with local authorities and are supervised and funded by the Ministries of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services.

The therapies provided at the centers are in accordance with each client’s Individual therapy plan developed with the direct cooperation of the client, the guardian, the social worker and anyone else who works closely with the client.  The daily schedules at the centers are packed with activities such as ceramics, exercise, gardening, as well as occupational, speech, art and other therapies. There are also excursions into the community for various fun and therapeutic activities. The professional staff also cares for their daily physical needs with personal nursing support including feeding, hygiene care and medication dispersal as required.

David Shavlev - Director of Chimes Israel Therapeutic Nursing Daycare Centers, 050-665-3679

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