To Dream, Persist The First Graduates of the Chimes Israel Academic Vocational College


In the Spring of 2018, the Academic Vocational College for Individuals with Special Needs began to operate – a groundbreaking venture by the Israel Community Association, in conjunction with Bar-Ilan University – a program that was initially seen as a dream but became a reality with great results.

The college, which takes place on the campus of Bar-Ilan University, provides education and training for young adults with developmental intellectual disabilities, in order to help them integrate into employment and community frameworks as active citizens, as workers and as part of the Israeli economy.

Two years ago, students Raheli, Bat El, Ronen, Yifat and others began the amazing journey. They started with a big dream-to get an academic education. Steadily and willingly they managed to break the walls of social stigma and together they managed to end the track successfully and with a lot of pride.

Throughout the activities, the students received support from Chimes Israel professional instructors. The curriculum included a variety of courses and training in various fields such as sociology, psychology, the employment world, computer skills, technology, and targeted learning in the fields of nursing, eldercare and childcare. In addition, the students learn skills such as time management, teamwork, budgeting, entrepreneurship and more.

At the end of the course, after two years, the graduates received a formal graduation certificate. Today, we accompany them in their first steps into their new workplaces and the integration into everyday life in their communities.

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