An Empowering and Inspiring Leadership Meeting

סיכום שנה מנהלים

In February, Chimes Israel’s entire management team gathered for its annual year-end meeting (which also entails learning and planning for 2024).

This organizational event brings together all our managers, who themselves represent Israel’s diversity. They are members of both the Arab and Jewish communities. They come from Ashkelon in the south and Taybeh north of Sharon. As the directors of centers for early childhood, afterschool, adult, and aging people, they service people with disabilities at all stages in life.  Despite the differences, the organization champions a unifying mission to offer services that promote equality, respect, and opportunity for every person with disabilities, whoever he or she may be.

Forty of the organization’s managers and senior staff came for a day of lectures and shared experiences. During the day, Chimes Israel’s CEO, Jorge Zimmermann and professional vice president, Vered Carsenti, presented the achievements and challenges we faced in 2022, the evaluation indices on the organization’s impact on our direct service recipients as well as the additional circles affected by the association’s activities. 

The managers’ faces filled with smiles and emotion while watching a video that showed experiences from different center activities. Team members presented work plans for 2024, including the variety of global and local challenges and the strategies to meet them.

Roni Madmon, a clinical and organizational psychologist, lectured on practical tools for crisis management. This included deflating stressful and crisis situations through strategic management, including tailored responses to team needs in a complex reality.

Motivational speaker, Amit Ben Herzl, led an interactive and exciting workshop that taught a lesson on the importance of observing one’s own desires and choices. He shared his up and down journey as a child with epilepsy at a school for children with behavioral problems to high school where certificate of excellence in high school, through a diagnosis of manic depressive disorder with multiple psychiatric hospitalizations. His was the story of finding meaning and giving credence to each and everyone’s mental balance.

At the end of the day, the marketing and resource development department presented the rebranding materials, including a redesigned and up-to-date logo and a unique color for each service area Chimes Israel.

A managers’ meeting empowers us with perseverance, knowledge, camaraderie, and excitement. Revived to face upcoming challenges, the managers pass this positivity to the their Chimes Israel teams, as well as clients and their families. 

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