Chimes Israel Helps Bring Amalia’s Mother Back Home


Chimes Israel is part of one big family, and as such will go above and beyond the daily care to maintain each members’ well-being.

Lyubov, the mother of three-year-old, Amalia who lives with autism, traveled to Uzbekistan for more affordable dental care and could not get back because they had closed Ben Gurion Airport due to Covid-19 restrictions. Lyubov’s flight was canceled, her non-refundable ticket could not be reissued, and the family could not afford to purchase another ticket.

Meanwhile, almost immediately after Lyubov left, Amalia stopped eating, cried incessantly and could not be calmed down despite the efforts of the staff and her father, Dennis, who remained to take care of her. 

Due to Amalia’s distressful state, Chimes Israel’s CEO, Jorge Zimmermann was immediately enlisted to help, and with management and the fundraising staff, purchased a plane ticket for Lyubov. Because of the logistical complexity of the return travel, for more than 48 hours Mr. Zimmermann and members of the Chimes executive staff were in constant telephone contact with those on the ground helping Lyubov.

Lyubov’s complicated journey included travelling from Uzbekistan to Istanbul then flying to Frankfurt to meet a group of other stranded Israelis for the government-sponsored flight to Israel. The Chimes Team booked a hotel for her at the Frankfort airport and had her met by an escort who could help her in her language. The hotel staff also played a part by taking her to the gate of the Israel-bound flight.

Along with Amalia and Dennis, Mr. Zimmerman came to greet Lyubov at Ben Gurion airport when she arrived, delighted to witness the moving mother-daughter reunion. You can see the homecoming here on our Facebook page and see the story, which was covered on Channel 13 TV news.

Amalia’s story is the embodiment of our commitment to the health, safety, and emotional well-being of each and every member of the Chimes family.

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